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Ted Talk

In a TED Talk, Ugandan Journalist Andrew Mwenda says the average African country receives 13 to 15 percent of it’s GDP in foreign aid- and that this amount is doing more harm than good.
“We need to reframe the challenge that is facing Africa, from a challenge of despair, which is called poverty reduction [to] a challenge of hope, and that is wealth creation.” “Ladies and gentlemen, can any one of you tell me a neighbor, a friend, a relative that you know, who became rich by receiving charity? By holding the begging bowl and receiving alms? According to Mwenda “knowledge is an important part of wealth creation.” While traditional aid and charity can provide short-term relief to the poor, long term sustainable change can only take place through training and equipping people with the knowlege to affect and improve their own communities.

Pursuehope has already funded the distribution of dozens of video-based community development curricula. The curricula, taught in community centers in Africa and Latin America, teaches on a variety of topics including agriculture, conservation, and community health.

The full TED Talk can be viewed here:

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